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Innovation in our Backyard

Consider Innovative companies – your mind goes to Apple, Samsung & Google.

These major tech companies are generally your first thoughts when it comes to innovation.  Here in Far North Queensland (FNQ), our farmers and primary producers are also very active with developing their own innovative practices.

Recent years have seen significant evolution in our agricultural industry, that used to consist of mainly Bananas and Sugar Cane.  New research and development into growing practices, has started to see the emergence of new crops being grown right here in our backyards.  Many of the Tableland farms initially started off as Tobacco farms and with the Government closing down the industry, these farmers needed to adapt to a new era and shift their focus into new crops.

Appeasing to the new age crowds – who doesn’t like Smashed Avo for breakfast!  Over the past 10 years, many of our Tablelands growers have built an Avocado industry, which is now considered as one of the largest growing regions in the country.  Our region could may well be regarded as being the largest, once the currently planted trees mature.  From experimentation of different varieties and planting in various regions on the Tablelands, this provides the opportunity for Avocados to be supplied from February through to August.

Our banana industry is another area where significant development and innovation is being noticed.  A widespread outbreak of Panama disease could have been potentially disastrous to our banana growers and the region.  At the first signs of the disease approaching the region, our growers promptly acted implementing high level quarantine procedures in order to contain the disease to a very small confined area and not allowing the spread.

Some other crops are starting to be tested and tried in our region, including Blueberries and other fruits.  Trials with Cotton growing are also being held further West – once only grown in southern areas.  Successful trials, could see opportunities for new development for the region.

Away from produce, new animal health supplements and farming methods are assisting with improving the health of cattle and also increasing the calving rates.  Exploring new technologies of solar and battery power is allowing our farmers to improve their practices with improved infrastructure.

The common thread amongst all of this is the involvement of our local community and their experimentation to keep a thriving agricultural industry in our region.  Large organisations such as Costa are utilising the knowledge of our local farmers to assist with successfully running their own projects.

At Halpin Partners, we are very fortunate to work with many of these cutting edge, innovative farmers.  Working with people who are very passionate about their industry and witnessing their successes, is also our passion.

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