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Life at Halpin Partners






“I work with a variety of clients including Builders, Service Professionals, Dive Shops, Pubs, Restaurants, Health Professionals and many others. Having different types of clients enables me to interact with a broad range of people and allows me to enjoy diversity in the type of work I do. One of the things I enjoy most is helping clients to save time on important but otherwise mundane tasks that they don’t enjoy doing, like data entry and book work. It makes me feel like I make a tangible difference to their lives.”
Alison Smith – Client Manager






“The prospect of not only moving to a new city, but applying for a new job after 10+ years with my previous employer was quite daunting. Although Darren and Noelle were not necessarily looking for new accountants, they took the time to interview me and actually offered me a position on the spot. After the interview when it was explained how Halpin Partners operated, I walked away feeling that this was the kind of firm that I would like to work for – an accounting practice with small firm values and big firm appeal.”
Carrianne Hickey – Client Manager






“The support I receive from Halpin Partners has allowed me to expand my personal and professional Cairns’ networks. Halpin Partners sponsors local charity golf days and I am given the opportunity to attend these events to network with existing and prospective clients. These networking events bring a fresh-faced and modern approach to accounting, which promote Halpin Partners as a leading edge firm that supports the local community.”
Renee Francis – SMSF Relationship Manager






“The supportive and encouraging nature of the Halpin Partners team has assisted me greatly throughout the completion of my university degree and the Institute of Chartered Accountants Program. Halpin Partners has helped me develop my personal and professional skills by encouraging me to work outside my comfort zone. The start of my accounting career would not have been as smooth and successful, had it not been for the support of the entire Halpin Partners team.”
Craig deCourcey – Client Manager






“Halpin Partners take the consideration of their team to a whole new level. From our daily morning teas, where the entire team sit down for 20 minutes and enjoy a break and time to chat, to our mid-year and end-of-year team events. Other than extracurricular activities, Darren & Noelle are also very strong on providing ongoing training for our team. We are constantly given the opportunity to expand our knowledge generally in the Accounting field but also on personal development, management and any other form of knowledge that could assist our valued clients. To sum it up, there truly is no better place to spend our working days than at Halpin Partners.”
Amy Garsia – Office Manager