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Innovation is Business as Usual for James Home Services Australia

If you’ve ever visited our office, then you may have noticed the writing on our wall behind our reception area… ‘the most dangerous phrase in the English language is… because we’ve always done it this way’.

Our client, James Home Services Australia embodies these very words.

We’ve been working with James Home Services Australia for the past 3 years and in that time, we’ve watched the company completely transform from tired and sluggish to a recognised leader in their industry with the introduction of Australia’s first subscription to business ownership.

James Home Services is a franchise network offering business owners the opportunity to own and run their own cleaning or lawn mowing business with all the support and backing of a respected national network. Those business owners, provide professional cleaning and lawn mowing services to their clients.

In Far North Queensland alone, there are almost 20 James Home Services businesses.

The subscription model was borne from the challenge of waning new franchise sales; a challenge being felt collectively across the franchise industry.

James Home Services’ leadership took their model back to the drawing board to assess whether it was truly meeting the demands of the market. What was uncovered after months of market research, was that our society’s shift to ‘buy now – pay later’ options and subscription-based business models had dampened consumers’ appetite for parting with the capital upfront to buy into their own franchise business under traditional models.

So, James Home Services developed the ‘subscription model’ to turn what can be an upfront cost in the tens of thousands into a completely manageable weekly subscription payment that unlocks unlimited access to everything a new business owner needs to get their business off the ground.

Innovation is business as usual for James Home Services Australia. The business has introduced a custom-built business management software platform to transform how the business is run at all levels and introduce efficiencies across all core business operations.

Even their public relations campaign for the launch of the subscription model was innovative. The campaign itself reached over 4 million Australians during an 8-week period; the sheer volume of coverage achieved throughout the campaign was largely due to the very creative idea of building the media their own dedicated location online where they could access information and media assets to assist them in compiling their coverage of the story – whatever format they were working to.

Being innovative by design is clearly working for James Home Services Australia; they’ve introduced close to 30 new business owners into the network over the last 6 months.

Congratulations to the team at James. We enjoy working with you and love seeing businesses thinking creatively and achieving success in their industry.

You can find out more information about the James Home Services subscription model, or if you’d like a professional to take care of your cleaning or lawn mowing, then request a free quote.

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